Italian power and durability

ZERICA sells its products in more than 30 countries worldwide. A source of great pride to them, but also a very flattering result that demonstrates their design ability, sales organisation, production flexibility and the high standard of their overall reliability. These are the foundations on which the history of their company rests, and on which ZERICA certainly will rest its future.

Water fountains

Tireless and robust thanks to our careful selection of materials for each working element. Unique in Europe in being able to supply chilled water in just 3 minutes from power-on. ZERICA water fountains are highly durable and thrive the most difficult and stressful working conditions of high output and temperature.

Home Coolers

A highly diversified series from the smallest cooler in the world up to the high dispensing capacity 30L/h unit. The series includes several all-in-one
models. Practical and highly advanced, these innovative systems work as water cooler, purifier and carbonator.

Office Coolers

Able to meet any semi-professional needs, this series is ideal for all those work environments which require compact dispensers with high performance and sophisticated design but, above all, easy operation and

Restaurant Water Dispensers

Tireless, reliable and easy to set in any environment, these are the ideal business partner for all professional needs. The range starts from a compact unit and develops with increasing power models with great flexibility of use.

Powerful Machines

ZERICA systems are designed and manufactured to meet all possible professional needs in all available configurations: under-counter, table top, floor standing, with continuous cold water dispensing capacity of 20-800l

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Tivoli 270

New water dispenser which supplies chilled and ambient water with sparkling as an option.

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Eaqua Countertop

New cooling and carbonating system ideal for any environment where you cannot have a direct connection to the water supply.

Refresh Bar

The only model on the market with ice bank tank in stainless steel with extractable refrigeration coil and carbonator for easy maintenance and maximum hygiene.

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Zerica Futura

FUTURA is the water dispenser with impressive and unexpected dimensions. You can find everything needed for a water dispenser in a really small space (the base of Futura is smaller than a A4 sheet).