How Water Keeps You Healthy

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How Water Keeps You Healthy

Staying healthy and drinking more water

HealthIt’s well known that you should be drinking  eight to ten glasses of water each day. However, the amount of water that each person needs does depend on certain factors, such as lifestyle or personal health. It has been proven that being hydrated plays a key part in your health in many different ways. Visit Cameron Water today to see what we offer.

But how does drinking water help your health?

  • It improves your productivity – your brain is made up of mostly water, and drinking enough to keep it hydrated ensures that you will remain alert, focused and highly productive during the day.
  • It absorbs nutrients – Water helps you to digest and to absorb nutrients and minerals from the foods that you are eating.
  • It restores a balance in your fluids – you are made up of almost 70% water! Your body loses water naturally through breathing and when you perspire. For this reason, you need to keep hydrating throughout the day.

Water plays an important role in helping you to stay healthy.

Be more productive, make the most of your nutrients and keep a balance in your fluids by drinking eight glasses a day. At Cameron Water, we offer practical solutions to delivering you fresh water at the office or at home! Why not take a look at our website  to see our full range of water coolers we have on offer.

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