The Benefits of Hot Water Boilers at Work

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The Benefits of Hot Water Boilers at Work

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Our hot water boilers are designed for those locations where space is limited but standards are high. These compact units are
the boiling water solution for small to medium sized offices or homes and catering establishments. Take a look at the range of countertop models we have on our website

What are the benefits of having an instant hot water boiler in your office?

With a Cameron boiler you get instant hot water and only use the amount you need per cup – resulting in less waste, less down time and creating significant energy savings.

It saves you money! Lets do the maths…

Save moneyFor example, if 10 staff members each drink 5 hot drinks a day, at an hourly rate of £7, with the kettle taking 4 minutes to boil, then the cost to the business is £23.33. This would mean that the cost of working time to the business over the course of a year would be £5,833!

With an instant hot water boiler only taking 5 seconds to pour, this means that the yearly cost of working time comes to just £121.

Take a look at what our customers thought of their instant hot water boilers:

“By installing our new boiler, not only have we saved in financial terms, but the amount of staff downtime has significantly decreased. It’s a case of quick cuppas all round here now.” Andrew McCaw, McLay McAllister McGibbon, office of 20 staff.

“Great service from the guys at Cameron. They provided an excellent site survey and installed the boiler with the minimum disruption in a very short timescale. We’ve all been really impressed with the results and have achieved significant savings in time and energy bills.” Andy King, CK Contracts, office of 15 staff.Hot water boilers

Why not try one of our Hot Water Boilers for free? Our Seven Day Free Trial allows you to experience the benefits of instant hot water on tap – all with no obligation. Click here for more information. 

Cameron Water Ltd.

Cameron Water has grown to become one of the largest independent suppliers of water coolers in the UK, and can cater for all your water cooler and water dispenser needs. Make us your first choice for bottles and plumbed in water coolers and counter top instant hot water boilers. Visit Cameron Water Coolers for more information.

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