Plumbed Water Coolers

Plumbed In Water Coolers & Plumbed Water Dispensers

Our plumbed in water coolers or mains-fed water coolers are the perfect office solution for refreshing, pure, chilled water on tap. These can also be a countertop water cooler solution if you prefer. Water is drawn from the mains into the water cooler, filtered, and then chilled. By removing the need for bottles or delivery, you help the environment whilst saving you money.

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Plumbed In Water Coolers & Countertop Water Coolers

With our plumbed-in water coolers, you can provide employees chilled, refreshing water without fail. We will also keep track of the water filter changes for you!

Bottle-less water coolers or mains-fed water coolers, are also called Point of Use (POU) water systems. They are easy to install and they’re a great, environmentally conscious option to incorporate into your office. Or why not use a plumbed countertop water cooler for your office or home?

On top of cost savings, plumbed-in water coolers also eliminate the need to lift, carry, and store heavy water bottles.

The advanced water filtration technology utilised by our plumbed-in office water coolers ensures great tasting water that is filtered and free of contaminants. Our office water coolers come in a variety of sizes to suit any office size.

Which Plumbed-In or Mains-Fed Water Cooler Should You Try?

Why not have a look at our FMax Plumbed Water Cooler which is one of our best selling Mains-Fed Water Dispensers.

Plumbed In Water Cooler Price

You can contact us any time to discuss the most suitable option for you and the prices for each water cooler option.

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