Our Rental Options for Bottled Water, Plumbed and Mains Water Coolers

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Our Rental Options for Bottled Water, Plumbed and Mains Water Coolers

Cameron Water offers a cheap and convenient way for you to rent bottled water coolers, plumbed in or mains fed water coolers, and hot water boilers. With a range of great rental packages, why go anywhere else? 

Bottled Water Coolers and Dispensers

We deliver and install a range of state of the art bottled water coolers from as little as £3.05 per week. Renting a water cooler from Cameron Water is a hassle-free way to keep your home or office hydrated.

We’ll call weekly to keep you topped up with water and cups, and keep your water cooler in top condition by sanitising it to the highest BWCA standards four times a year.

Plumbed in / Mains Fed Water Coolers

Cameron Water are the experts when it comes to installing and maintaining your mains fed water coolers from as low as £5.88 a week. We have an experienced team of engineers who can install a range of water coolers and fountains to suit your needs. Cameron Water offer a professional service when plumbing in your water cooler – we don’t take shortcuts such as using self-piercing taps and only use WRAS approved parts and materials. Find out more…

Our range of plumbed-in water coolers benefit from our top of the range filter system, put in place to remove any taste or particles that may be present in your mains water. This leaves you with an unlimited supply of fresh, chilled drinking water.

Hot Water Boilers

Hot Water Boilers are a hassle free and environmentally friendly way of providing you with hot water on demand – no more wasting time and energy waiting on kettles. Cameron Water can install a wide range of boilers, from small economical units for your office kitchen, to large high performance boilers for football stadiums and sporting arenas.

Guaranteed Professional Service

At Cameron Water, we offer the same professional service as we do for our plumbed-in water coolers. In addition, all our engineers have completed technical training with the manufacturer, so you can be confident that you are receiving a professional service.

Cameron Water Ltd.

Cameron Water has grown to become one of the largest independent suppliers of water coolers in the UK, and can cater for all your water cooler and water dispenser needs. Make us your first choice for bottles and plumbed in water coolers and counter top instant hot water boilers.

To find out more about our products and services, contact us today on 01698 84 50 50 or email sales@cameronwater.co.uk

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