Promoting Water Consumption in Schools

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Promoting Water Consumption in Schools

The importance of promoting water consumption in schools

Schools around the United Kingdom are encouraged to provide school children with free drinking water. In 2002, a national campaign Water coolerswas launched to improve the access and quality of drinking water for all pupils in UK schools.  Cameron Water provides a number of schools with instant mineral water coolers. Take a look at our products here to see what the right cooler for you is.

Benefits of promoting water consumption in schools

Water concentrationEncouraging students to get in to the habit of drinking water from a young age, sets them up well for having a healthier lifestyle in future.  At zero calories, it is a brilliant alternative to sugary drinks. Encouraging students to have access to water at all times, and promoting a regular water intake, is a vital role for schools in promoting health and providing a healthy learning environment.

The benefits of having this available for all pupils are both short and long term. In the short term, students can benefit from being hydrated properly, which aids their focus and in turn their learning abilities. In the long term, it can help avoid health problems, such as bladder and bowel problems.

In order to encourage pupils to drink more water, teachers should be setting an example. It has also been encouraged to be taught in classes in health education. Cameron Water offer personalised accessories such as branded sports bottlesPersonalised water bottle

Cameron Water Ltd.

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