Counter Top Boiler

A Counter top boiler is a highly efficient way of providing hot boiling water within your workplace premises, while the attractive stainless steel design makes it an ideal system for kitchen and breakout areas.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Limescale Reduction Filter
  • Push Button or Tap Dispenser
  • 2ltr, 5ltr & 10ltr Capacity Options

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    The convenience choice

    Boiling water in a kettle can waste a substantial amount of time and money for your business. Our counter top boiler eliminates this problem, providing boiling water instantly. The counter top hot water boiler is permanently plumbed in and as water is drawn off, the unit refills, providing a constant supply of boiling water which is ideal for a busy work environments.

    • Instant boiling water
    • 2ltr, 5ltr or 10ltr capacities
    • Energy efficient water boiler
    • Limescale reduction filter
    • Push button or tap dispenser options


    Capacity 2ltr, 5ltr and 10ltr
    Dimensions 2ltr – H 385 x W 210 x D 505mm
    5ltr – H 465 x W 210 x D 505mm
    10ltr – H 590 x W 210 x D 505mm
    Options 2ltr – Tap dispenser only
    5ltr & 10ltr – Push button or tap dispenser
    Water options Hot water only

    Installation Requirements

    To ensure the unit can be installed quickly and smoothly in your proposed location, each unit will require a 13A (240V AC) switched socket, which should not be more than one metre from the machine.

    Each plumbed water machine needs to be supplied with water from the rising main. The pipework should ideally be no more than one metre from the machine, although our in-house service team are able to install machines in the majority of locations.

    Pipework must be terminated with a 15mm BS1010 stopcock. Space will also be required for the filter.


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