Aquality Point of Use Water Cooler

Aquality Point of Use Water Cooler

Aquality POU, the point of use water cooler that is efficient, sturdy and easy to manage and maintain. Ice bank cooling system, available in two models with different performances: 20 l/h and 28 l/h.

The sober, clean lines of the design and predominantly metal features bestow a modern and technological appearance.


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Wide range

Ice bank cooling system with two different performance levels: 20 l/h for the BASIC version and 28 l/h for the PREMIUM version, to offer the optimal balance between performance and water saving.

Sturdiness and reliability

The external metal casing available with either skinplate and stainless steel, provides sturdiness and makes the product suitable for use in environments subject to stringent hygienic requirements.

Types of water available

Chilled water is available on all models, together with room temperature water in model AC, Sparkling water in model ACWG, hot water in model ACH and sparkling and hot water in model CHWG.


The lack of external taps, the protected dispensing point located well away from the control panel and the integrated cup dispenser guarantee optimal hygiene, thus avoiding acterial contamination from outside


Water taste and quality can be improved by fitting filters which are capable of eliminating sediment and chlorine. In addition to the traditional filter systems used to remove unpleasant odours and tastes,antibacterial filters and descalers may also be fitted.


1. Cooling systems
Available with Ice bank and Direct Soda cooling system, to offer an optimal balance between efficiency and practicality.

2. Carbonator
Cold carbonation allows for obtaining sparkling water characterised by an intense, lasting taste. The CO2 cylinder (6)is housed inside the machine, on the lateral side, and can be easily accessed through the flap on the side.Available on WG models.

3. Hot water reservoir
The hot water reservoir – available in the stainless steel pressure version – allows for heating water to the ideal temperature for preparing excellent teas and herbal teas. Available on the ACH and CHWG versions.

The special circular shape of the UV lamp means it shines closely and directly onto the dispensing nozzle to prevent bacterial contamination. UV Barrier maintains hygiene inside the cooler and creates a protective barrier between the cooler and the outside environment.

5. Maximum safety
The safety valve prevents loss of water due to potential failures occurring inside the machine.


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