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Mains Fed (Plumbed In) Water Cooler Plumbing-in
and Filter Systems

Cameron Water is the expert when it comes to installing plumbed-in water coolers, fountains, under-sink chillers, and hot water boilers. Unlike many companies who are now starting to offer plumbed-in water coolers and DIY kits, Cameron Water has over 15 years of experience in mains-fed water coolers. This is reflected in the fact that Cameron Water is the preferred supplier to many of the largest councils in Scotland, maintaining thousands of water coolers throughout Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Fife, and Ayrshire.

Free Site Survey

If you are looking for a water cooler or boiler for your office, Cameron Water will visit you and carry out a free site survey. One of our friendly and professional engineers can visit your workplace, office, or school to give you advice about the best system to suit your needs and provide you with a quote for installation.

Cameron Water offers free installation with all water coolers and boiler rental packages, providing that the machine is to be sited within 3 metres of a mains water supply AND an electrical socket and the work can be carried out within one hour. This actually accounts for 9 out of 10 installations.

Professional Service

Cameron Water only use our own fully trained plumbers and electricians to provide you with a professional service. We will plumb in your water cooler or boiler to the highest standards, and to your specification (E.g. discreet plumbing or with copper or chrome pipework to match the style of your office). We never use self-piercing taps or poor quality parts to get the job done quickly.

Our standard installation includes features that some other companies will charge a premium for:
• Stop values – to manually switch the water supply to the cooler off
• Pressure reducers – eliminates the risk of leaks due to high mains water pressure
• Water Block – automatically stops the flow of water to the cooler if there is a problem
• Non-return valves – to prevent contamination

WRAS Approved Engineers

All our engineers are WRAS approved, giving you peace of mind that our practices and materials all comply with the UK’s drinking water regulations to prevent contamination, misuse, and undue waste and consumption.

Filter Systems

We fit filter systems that dramatically increase the quality of your water as standard with all our plumbed in water coolers (mains fed water coolers), under-sink chillers and hot water boilers. Cameron Water can also supply and fit an inline filter system to your kitchen’s cold water supply.

Our top of the range filters remove a range of particles and contaminants from your water supply:
• Chlorine
• Sediment
• Bad Taste
• Unpleasant odours
• Volatile organic chemicals
• Cryptosporidium
• Microscopic cysts
• Other organic contaminants

Customer Support

UK Based call centres, with no automated answer system. Our friendly, experienced staff will answer every call.

Free Delivery

We deliver our range of bottled water coolers and dispensers, mains fed water coolers to your home, office or school. We deliver our Natural Mineral Water straight to your water cooler on a weekly basis.

Plumbing In

Cameron Water are the experts when it comes to installing plumbed in water coolers, fountains, under-sink chillers, and hot water boilers.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cameron Water carry out regular sanitisation and maintenance visits to keep your water cooler in top condition

No Contract Rentals

Cameron water offers a cheap and convenient way for you to rent bottled water coolers, plumbed in or mains fed water coolers, and hot water boilers.

100% Recyclable and BPA-free bottles

Did you know we are one of only two companies in the UK with our own bottle-blowing plant to produce 100% recyclable and BPA-free bottles used to ship our bottled water?