Healthy Snacks At The Office


Healthy Snacks At The Office

Healthy Snacks For Your Desk

Desk SnackWe all know that working at a desk all day can make us peckish. It is very easy to fall into a routine of snacking on sweets, fizzy juice, crisps and chocolate at work. However, we don’t realise  how much of a difference this can make to our diet. Unhealthy snacks up your daily sugar intake and increase the amount of calories you’re taking in every day. At Cameron, we suggest trying some of these healthy snacks the next time you’re at work…


5 Snack Ideas For You

  1. A simple piece of fruit – Fruits add a variety of vitamins such as A and C, both of which are very important for immunity, healing wounds and even teeth and gums. They also offer fibre and fill your stomach with very few calories. Apples, bananas, kiwis, oranges…take your pick! Fruit
  2. A handful of nuts – Almonds have as much calcium as milk, and they also contain magnesium, vitamin E, selenium and lots of fibre. Pecans have tons of vitamins and minerals as well as folic acid, potassium and zinc.
  3. Dried fruits – Dried fruit is just fresh fruit with the water removed. This can actually cause some nutrients to become more concentrated. The antioxidants in dried cranberries, grapes, and plums area twice as potent as those in the fresh fruits.
  4. Popcorn – Make your own popcorn! It is very cheap to buy a bag of kernels and simply sprinkle some salt on top when you’re done. Popcorn contains lots of antioxidants and fibre.
  5. Last but not least – water! Drinking water regularly throughout the day will help to stave off hunger and keep you hydrated, helping you to stay focused. Avoid fizzy juice at your desk, they will hugely increase the amount sugar in your diet and can contain aspartame.

PopcornTry to buy in your healthy snacks at the start of the working week. This will help you to get in the routine of eating healthily during your working hours. Having a plumbed in or bottled water cooler at home or in the office can encourage you to drink more water throughout the day. Visit Cameron Water for a free, no obligation trial.

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