Free Delivery

Water Cooler Delivery Service

Water Cooler Water Delivery

Cameron Water will deliver and install a range of bottled water coolers and dispensers, bottle free water coolers, mains-fed water coolers, and Natural Mineral Water direct to your home, office, or school for free. Our water cooler delivery service means we deliver Natural Mineral Water straight to your water cooler on a weekly basis. We are also very happy to provide an emergency 48 hour delivery if you are running low.

Our fully trained service drivers will be more than happy to help you with any questions you have about your water cooler and they always carry a supply of water and cups should you need extras.

Cameron Water runs a modern fleet of delivery and service vehicles which exceed the EURO V emissions standard and achieve EEV (enhanced environmentally friendly vehicle) status. This is part of our pledge to reduce our environmental footprint.

Water Cooler Delivery Service – What you get:

  • Free Weekly water deliveries
  • Free delivery
  • Low 2 bottle (or 1 box cups) minimum
  • Next Day / 48 hour Emergency water deliveries
  • Delivery direct to all your water coolers
  • Friendly, highly trained service drivers who can solve any cooler problems
  • Environmentally friendly delivery vehicles

Does your current supplier offer a water cooler delivery service for FREE?

Customer Support

UK Based call centres, with no automated answer system. Our friendly, experienced staff will answer every call.

Free Delivery

We deliver our range of bottled water coolers and dispensers, mains fed water coolers to your home, office or school. We deliver our Natural Mineral Water straight to your water cooler on a weekly basis.

Plumbing In

Cameron Water are the experts when it comes to installing plumbed in water coolers, fountains, under-sink chillers, and hot water boilers.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cameron Water carry out regular sanitisation and maintenance visits to keep your water cooler in top condition

No Contract Rentals

Cameron water offers a cheap and convenient way for you to rent bottled water coolers, plumbed in or mains fed water coolers, and hot water boilers.

100% Recyclable and BPA-free bottles

Did you know we are one of only two companies in the UK with our own bottle-blowing plant to produce 100% recyclable and BPA-free bottles used to ship our bottled water?