Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

Modern businesses continuously operate in very competitive markets in which the population is increasingly aware of wider social issues, such as the environment and its protection. There is an ever increasing requirement placed upon industry and service providers like Cameron Water Ltd. to be able to demonstrate environmental responsibility to stakeholders (customers, legislators, employees, shareholders, investors and pressure groups).

This pressure has been the cause of an upsurge in environmentally related legislation world-wide. This will become more stringent and already covers emissions to air, liquid effluent, solid waste, dust emissions, noise, storage and other similar areas.

Customers are becoming increasingly concerned about environmental management and do not wish to risk reputations or inherit liabilities as a result of poor environmental performance by their suppliers.

Effective environmental management will reduce CWL’s impact on the environment, improve operational efficiency, identify opportunities for cost saving, and reduce environmental liability.

Policy Statement

CAMERON WATER LIMITED has set out the principles for its environmental policy.


1. Recognise its responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy environment and endeavour to attain sound environmental performance through a proactive environmental management system which will be integrated with overall business activity, minimise significant environmental impacts and ensure legal compliance.

2. Achieve the aims of this policy statement by clearly outlining management responsibilities and promoting employee involvement through increased awareness training and instruction.

3. Foster the commitment of all management and staff to improving the environmental performance of business.

4. Strive to adopt the highest available environmental standards in all areas of operation. Through our activities, we strive to avoid polluting the land, air or water and we will take all reasonable steps to prevent pollution at its source. We will avoid hazardous processes or materials wherever suitable alternatives are available.

5. Adopt a total “cradle-to-grave” assessment and responsibility of our products and services.

6. Aim to minimise the use of all materials, supplies and energy.
• Wherever possible CAMERON WATER LIMITED uses renewable or recyclable materials and components.
• CAMERON WATER LIMITED makes every effort to re-use every salvageable part it possibly can from a cooler. This is good for the environment and makes good financial sense.
• CAMERON WATER LIMITED has the technical capability of re-gassing and de-gassing compressors/systems.
• CAMERON WATER LIMITED only buys coolers fitted with refrigerant that is the least harmful to the environment and safe (currently R134A). • Cameron Water uses Energy Star certified products which guarantees that they meet energy efficiency specifications, benefiting our customers in terms of their carbon footprint and energy cost savings.
• CAMERON WATER LIMITED has implemented a plastics refurbishment program. Previously, cooler companies would discard large volumes of structurally sound plastic into landfill sites because the plastic had discoloured through UV exposure or simply become tarnished due to the cooler location. CAMERON WATER LIMITED, through a 3 stage process, recoats these plastics to a condition that is superior to the initial product both in looks/UV protection and durability atone third of the replacement price thus preventing huge amounts of plastic going to landfill.
• CAMERON WATER LIMITED is the only company currently doing this and we offer it as a service to other cooler companies within the UK .
• CAMERON WATER LIMITED’s backroom services are all fully electronic and operate in an almost paperless environment. CAMERON WATER LIMITED actively encourages customers to accept invoices/statements electronically and accepts all such requests from suppliers.

7. Minimise pollution produced in all parts of the business, and aim for “pollution-free” processes.

8. Adopt an environmentally sound transport strategy.
• CAMERON WATER LIMITED service vehicles are on average no older than 3 years and are regularly maintained to keep them as efficient as possible. They have tracking and mapping systems fitted enabling vehicles to take the most optimised routes.
• Our new fleet of delivery vehicles exceed the EURO V emissions standard and achieve EEV (enhanced environmentally friendly vehicle) status.
• Customer routes are optimised on a fortnightly basis using our mapping services to keep fuel usage to a minimum.

9. Continually assess the environmental impact of all our operations past, current and future.

10. Expect similar environmental standards to our own from all third parties involved with our business – suppliers, vendors and contractors.

11. Assist our customers to use our products and services in an environmentally sensitive way.

12. Include environmental consideration in investment decisions.

13. Assist in developing economically-viable solutions to environmental problems in our industry.

14. Regularly audit our compliance with legislation and with this policy, measure progress, and seek to improve its environmental performance continually.

15. Review this policy at least annually, bring it to the attention of all employees and make it available to all stakeholders, including the general public, on request.

Policy Implementation

The MD and the Projects Manager will be jointly responsible for the ongoing administration and auditing of this policy which will be examined and recorded on a monthly basis as part of the Managers/Directors review meetings. Consultation with staff, customers, and industry associates will be held on at least a quarterly basis to ensure that the most up to date and innovative environmentally friendly methodologies are being harnessed in all areas of CAMERON WATER LIMITED’s operations.

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