Improve Your Health By Drinking More Water

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Improve Your Health By Drinking More Water

How can you improve your health by drinking more water?

Water drinkingResearch has shown that people who drink juice throughout the day are much more likely to end up with diabetes. Simply replacing all or a few of your glasses of fizzy or fruit juice with a glass of water could decrease your chances of having diabetes. This meant that drinking more water can make a difference. At Cameron Water, we provide bottled and plumbed-in water coolers and counter top instant hot water boilers. Take a look at our products here. Drinking more water

Not drinking enough water can affect your health.

Records from 2015 show that there are 4 million people living with diabetes in the UK (source: Diabetes UK). A simple change like swapping juice for water could help many people stay healthy and avoid diseases. Having available and freshly filtered drinking water is important as it encourages people to drink more water. Visit Cameron Water to see what kind of products we have available.

If you find drinking more water hard as it can be a bit boring to drink, why not try it with a slice of fresh lemon? Alternatively, there are lots of delicious flavoured teas which can be added to hot water to make a tasty drink. If you like the fizz of juice then sparkling water is for you! We have a range of water coolers at Cameron with extra functions for boiling and sparkling water. Drinking more water

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Cameron Water has grown to become one of the largest independent suppliers of water coolers in the UK, and can cater for all your water cooler and water dispenser needs. Make us your first choice for bottles and plumbed in water coolers and counter top instant hot water boilers.

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