luxury water coolers for restaurants

We demand a lot from each and every one of our water coolers and water dispensers. In order to obtain the maximum from them, we have chosen to follow a global policy of using only the highest quality materials.

But we also want them to be good-looking, practical and ergonomic, with a great design, modern and proudly Italian. It’s an ambitious philosophy that requires complex working processes but one which we can guarantee and verify personally,thanks to a design and production process that is entirely managed within our factory, therefore, a guaranteed 100% made in Italy.

This choice makes us a reliable and versatile partner for our restaurants and the hospitality industry, able to develop exclusive, personalised solutions so that the water-coolers can be installed in any setting and will harmonize with its surroundings.

Furthermore, the advantages of using natural refrigerant gas are infinite from the environmental context: incredibly, the compressor is also much more silent and the refrigerating unit incurs less wear and tear than the standard types, therefore lasts longer.

Our quality PLUS points:
Touch screen
An elegant flat touch screen control panel: a great design, brilliantly practical and easy to clean for maximum hygiene.

Portion control

Volumetric portioning which allows the personalisation of the amount of water to be automatically supplied.

Natural gases
The use of totally natural gases such as R290 or R600a.

Energy saving
The optional stand-by function will reduce power consumption by 75% in comparison to that of full operating power. Making for enormous savings whilst maintaining the temperature at a low enough level to impede
the proliferation of bacteria.

UV out

A UV light at end of every tap. As demonstrated by numerous studies, UV
light acts as a strong steriliser therefore preventing the growth of bacteria.

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ecochic in dettaglio

Wave I.T.

The elegant countertop WAVE with stainless steel command buttons

blubar countertop

Blubar Countertop

Functional, performant, simple… Blubar is the perfect water-cooler for your bar and restaurant!


Compact, powerful and built entirely in stainless steel, the smallest of the Blupura water coolers!

45776821FM glass

Fontemagna Glass

The power and functionality typical of Fontemagna water-coolers with the elegance and originality in the customized stainless steel and glass version, now available with the safety of reverse osmosis filtration.