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british-water-coolers-associationBritish Water Cooler Association

Cameron Water is an accredited member of the British Water Cooler Association. In fact, we received 100% in our latest audit!

The BWCA’s mission is to ensure that its Members offer the highest standards of quality, safety and hygiene to the consumer together with an unimpeachable product and service.
For continued membership and accreditation, Members must adhere to strict Bylaws, Codes of Practice and the Code of Advertising and Conduct and are audited for compliance annually by 3rd party inspection organisations.

Accredited Members of the BWCA are your Guarantee of…

Quality & Safety
The Association’s strict standards provide a guarantee of product safety and quality, supported by an unimpeachable level of service.

Sanitisation Programme
BWCA Distributor Members are mandated to carry out regular sanitisation and hygiene visits to coolers, ensuring product safety and quality.

Audit Programme All Members of the BWCA must adhere to strict annual audits relevant to their specific activity be it bottling, distributing or supply of industry products.

All BWCA Members must undertake mandatory training in:
• Hygiene Awareness
• Depot Management
• Bottling Plant Operation
• WRAS Approved mains-fed Cooler Installation

Environmentally Friendly Practices
To meet European Legislation the BWCA mandates that its Members follow guidelines on the disposal of coolers and related products at the end of their life.

Watercoolers Europewater-coolers-europe-logo

Watercoolers Europe is recognized as quality & safety mark and it is dedicated to supporting members in enhancing the quality of the products and services they provide. By creating instruments, such as WE’s Code of Good Hygienic Practice to define, promote and maintain the highest quality standards for the benefit of consumer protection and ethical practices in the industry.

Focused on advancing the industry’s progress, WE promotes the exchange of technical, scientific and regulatory information, the Association educates and supports its member companies to succeed in business and protect their investment as well encourages the foundation of new national associations and assisting them to establish and develop.

The Association serves as liaison between the industry, government and the public. By coordinating common positions from its members input, the Association acts as a single voice to the EU, national government agencies and regulatory bodies whose regulations and standards impact the water cooler industry. Seeking to influence the drafting of directives affecting the industry on behalf of and in the best interest of its members.

Water Regulations Advisory SchemeWRAS-logo


WRAS Approval is the best way to demonstrate compliance as it is granted directly by representatives of the water suppliers and is therefore accepted by every water supplier in the UK.

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme has the following aims:

• To promote knowledge of the Water Regulations throughout the UK and to encourage their consistent interpretation and enforcement, for the prevention of waste, undue consumption, misuse, erroneous measurement or contamination of water.
• To provide an advisory service for and on behalf of Water Suppliers and for any other person or body seeking guidance on the principles of Water Regulations.
• To consult on behalf of the water supply industry in the UK with Government, with professional, trade and other organisations, with fittings and materials manufacturers and others regarding the Water Regulations and related matters.
• To develop criteria for testing materials and fittings to assess their compliance with the Regulators’ Specifications for approved products in accordance with the Water Regulations.
• To assess the results of the testing of materials and fittings to determine their compliance with the Regulators’ Specifications and to publish up-to-date lists of satisfactory materials and fittings in the Scheme’s Water Fittings and Materials Directory.
• To administer for those Water Suppliers who wish it, a scheme to assess, register and publicise Approved Contractors in accordance with the Water Regulations.
• To participate in the representation of the UK Water Supply Industry in the development of relevant, practical and appropriate national and international standards for water fittings and plumbing systems.

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