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Improve Your Health By Drinking More Water

How can you improve your health by drinking more water? Research has shown that people who drink juice throughout the day are much more likely to end up with diabetes. Simply replacing all or a few of your glasses of fizzy or fruit juice with a glass of water could decrease your chances of having diabetes. This meant that drinking more water can make a difference. At Cameron Water, we provide bottled and plumbed-in water coolers and counter top instant...

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The Benefits of Hot Water Boilers at Work

Instant hot water boilers Our hot water boilers are designed for those locations where space is limited but standards are high. These compact units are the boiling water solution for small to medium sized offices or homes and catering establishments. Take a look at the range of countertop models we have on our website.  What are the benefits of having an instant hot water boiler in your office? With a Cameron boiler you get instant hot water and only use the amount you...

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How to take care of your liver

Your liver needs taking care of According to the British Liver Trust, liver disease is the only major cause of death that is increasing year on year. Your liver is actually one of the largest organs in your body, and it helps to control cholesterol, clean your blood, and fight infections and diseases off. The fact that liver disease in the UK is on the up is quite shocking. However, it is a fact that can be changed with a...